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A new era of measuring has begun!

The Space Ruler combines all the tools you'll ever need

Position measurement

Determine the horizontal and vertical distance between two points on your workpiece in just one step.

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Guided pattern transference

Transfer digital patterns directly to your workpiece by using the targeting system of the tool. You will be able to transfer even complex patterns with ease.

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Level and protractor

Align objects horizontally, vertically, or to any angle in between with the tool's angle measurement functionality.

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Integrated marking mechanism

The tool includes a mechanism for marking on the work surface. The marking method can be swapped to allow the optimal type of marking for the task at hand.

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Companion app for device management

The Space Ruler works seamlessly with the Space Tools app for managing, downloading, and storing patterns.

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Compact form factor

The Space Ruler fits comfortably in your toolbox or -bag thanks to its compact design.

  1. Anchor
  2. Measuring arm
  3. Grip and marking button
  4. Targeting sight
  5. Switch for engaging marking mechanism
  6. Set zero for coordinate system
  7. Display
  8. Menu navigation buttons

Forget about stencils or tool juggling!

Position measurement

The patent-pending technology in the Space Ruler makes measuring in two dimensions just as easy as reading off measurements in one. By defining axes manually or using gravity you can create a virtual coordinate system on your workpiece. The tool can then measure offsets in that coordinate system and split these measurements into their horizontal and vertical components.

Space Ruler: Position measurement
Space Ruler: Marking mechanism

Integrated marking mechanism

In order to add markings to the measurements you make the Space Ruler is equipped with a marking mechanism. This allows you to directly mark any position without having to get your pen. Additionally, the marking mechanism features swappable cartridges to allow you to choose between marking with ink or a punch, depending on your surface. In the future even more diverse marking cartridges will be possible.

Guided pattern transference

The two-dimensional positioning capability of the Space Ruler makes transferring a digital plan to the physical world easy and accessible. The tool can determine the position of the marking mechanism inside your digital plan, allowing you to mark points of the plan directly on the workpiece. If these points are predetermined by the pattern (e.g. in drill patterns) the tool can even guide you towards them using an intuitive targeting UI, making the transfer of the plan to the workpiece a breeze.

Space Ruler: Guided pattern transference
Space Ruler: Levelling and angle measurements

Level and protractor

Keeping surfaces level is a big part of any building process.  And the difference between perfect and slightly wrong angles will make or break your final product. So naturally having the ability to level and measure angles is very important for all kinds of projects. This is why the Space Ruler comes with leveling and angle measuring features. The integrated accelerometer allows you to not only check if a surface or object is level but also it's exact angle towards gravity or another surface. 

"Planning is a big part of the maker's process"

The Space Tools App

Your one-stop-shop for patterns and pattern management

Device management

Connect the app to your Space Ruler and manage the onboard pattern slots. Load patterns from or to your Space Ruler in no time.

Personal pattern and measurement storage

Store patterns and measurements in the app's local storage. Never forget a measurement again.

Online pattern library

Access patterns shared by the community. Or download a manufacturer's pattern for your new project, ensuring you get the dimensions right.

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